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Lectron’s New 48 A V-Box Level 2 Home EV Charger Priced At Just $450

Lectron has just released its newest home charger unit. The features per dollar are hard to beat.

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Lectron has a new Level 2 home charger (EVSE) that offers great bang for the buck. The new V-Box can charge at up to 48 amps, one of the highest-amperage home chargers you can find. Yet, it also offers the convenience of charging at a lower amperage if your home circuit is already established or if the vehicle you are charging needs to accept energy at a lower rate.

The V-Box can either be hard-wired by your licensed electrician or can plug into a NEMA 14-50 outlet. That means it can be taken with you if you move or have a second home. The V-Box’s IP55 weatherproof rating means it can withstand a low-pressure water jet from any direction (when properly hardwired).

The LED display of the V-Box offers LED screen clearly shows your charging status, including real-time current, charging time, rated current, real-time voltage, grounding indicator, state of charge, and temperature. A pulsating "V" light helps to assure you the unit is charging at a glance, and the handy J-Hook keeps your 20-foot-long cable from tangling.

Safety features of the Lectron V-Box include:

-Circuit board temp sensor
-Leakage protection
-Over-current protection
-Over-voltage protection
-Over-heating protection
-Lightning proofing (according to Lectron)

The new V-Box is available directly from Lectron at its online retail page for $449.99 or four installments of $112.49.

The V-Box is compatible with all battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles with a J1772 charging port (J-plug). Tesla vehicles can also be charged via the use of a Tesla to J-Plug adapter.

If you purchase a V-Box from Lectron, please let us know about your user experience in the comments section below.

This is not a paid placement, and Torque News has received no compensation or free products in return for its publication. However, your author has been a long-time happy owner of a Lectron Level 2 home charger.

Image of V-Box EV charger (EVSE) courtesy of Lectron.

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