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Jeep Still Has 2018 Wranglers For Sale And Wants To Make A Deal

Jeep has excess inventory of a hugely popular model. If you are looking for a Wrangler, this may be the perfect time to buy.

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A new study by our friends at uncovers an interesting fact about the Jeep Wrangler. About one in five of the Wranglers in stock are leftover 2018 model year vehicles. This is about four times the average rate of leftover 2018s for vehicles in general.

2018 Jeep Wrangler

What really makes this unusual is that the Jeep Wrangler is a hugely popular vehicle. Jeep is maintaining a run rate of about 20,000 Wranglers per month. That makes the Wrangler the most popular Jeep model. To add a bit more perspective on just how popular the Wrangler is, its sales are larger than the combined sales of all Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Chrysler models.

“Jeep’s Wrangler Unlimited and Wrangler models were redesigned in 2018, and with that redesign came respective $3,550 and $3,950 price increases,” said Phone Ly, CEO of iSeeCars. “Despite these vehicles hitting record sales numbers, there is a surplus because too many were produced in Fiat Chrysler’s Ohio plant, which had double the capacity of the previous design’s plants.”

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This surplus inventory is a Jeep lovers dream. Jeep is presently discounting this model by as much as $8,000 depending upon trim and location. Making things even more difficult for dealers is that the Jeep Compass, Dodge Durango, and Chrysler Pacifica are also still in stock as 2018 models. These brands are typically all sold together at a common dealership.

Torque News has high trust in iSeeCars, but just to ensure we checked the accuracy of this report, we did a search on Jeep's website for 2018 Wranglers in stock within a 30-minute drive of our home office. We found 25 of the leftover 2018s Wranglers in stock.

Those who have been considering a new Jeep Wrangler may find that this is a unique opportunity to get a deep discount on a vehicle that often demands a price close to full MSRP. You can search for Jeeps near you at the Jeep inventory site.

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