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Honda Offers Sneak Peek At All-New 2023 Accord - Images and Info Here

The American-made Honda Accord enters a new era. Here’s what Honda says we can look forward to.


Honda’s Accord is about to enter its 11th generation in 2023. The all-new Accord will feature many upgrades to ensure it remains one of the top-selling American-made vehicles.

Image of 2023 Accord courtesy of Honda

The Accord will offer sleek new styling for its new generation. If we know Honda, the Accord will look familiar but updated. The current Accord is a handsome sedan, and we expect it will have sharper lines and a low-wide stance. The teaser images are enough to give us the impression that nothing radical will be headed to your local dealer.

Image of 2023 Accord courtesy of Honda

Honda is now entering the hybrid-focus phase that Toyota adopted decades ago. Like the Civic and CR-V, the Honda Accord Hybrid will be elevated to the status of top of line. Honda says that the hybrid will be more responsive and will have a fun-to-drive powertrain. As fun and fast as the V6 Accord with its geared transmission was in its 7th generation? Perhaps not, but times they are a changin’.

One big change will be infotainment. Honda is switching to Google for its in-vehicle audio and information integration. We will hold off on judgment until we see how Honda does this. Will wifi be required to make it work, meaning an endless subscription you don't need? Perhaps. Or will your own phone and its Android Auto work without requiring the duplication of a data plan for the car? Too soon to tell.

We do know that Honda will offer a 12.3-inch screen and that it will sit atop the dash, sort of like an afterthought. As opposed to being built into the dash. There does appear to be a volume knob sticking up out of the dash in front of the tablet.

We presume that the Accord will continue to be built by Americans in Marysville, Ohio, continuing Honda’s five-decade run of making its most popular models in the USA. Check back to Torque News for a full review and more details on the all-new 11th-generation. Accord soon.

Images of 2023 Accord courtesy of Honda.

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