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Honda launches stunning 2013 Accord V6 HFP special edition

The 2013 Honda Accord HFP will make an already very capable and good looking car that much quicker and more appealing.

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Honda has announced a factory tuner version of the 2013 Accord V6 Coupe. Created in-house by Honda Performance Development (HPD), the new remake of the Coupe will be called the HFP, for Honda Factory Performance. The package includes changes to many of the performance aspects of the car, but leaves the engine stock. That should not a problem, since the stock Accord V6 is a powerhouse in its class.

The 2013 Honda Accord Coupe is already a rare car. Once Camry dropped the Solara, the mid-size, front-drive family car market shrunk to an offering of only two coupes, the Altima and the Accord. Both have their fans, but the Accord is a larger (looking), more substantial appearing vehicle. It may be argued that the Accord Coupe Honda and Acura’s best looking car at any price point. Fans got a sneak peek of the HFP at last year's SEMA show.

It may also be true that on the road, there is no faster Acura than the V6 Accord Coupe, which can run to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds (according to a Car and Driver test). Many buyers don’t realize it, but on public roadways, the Accord V6 can keep up with many of the much more expensive, rear drive, V6 sports sedan from makers like Infiniti and Lexus. An Accord V6 will literally run away from a Lexus IS250, which costs about $10K more in the configuration most dealerships offer.

The new HFP Accord V6 will be lower to the ground for both looks and handling. It will feature a sport suspension, 19 inch wheels, and summer only performance tires. Commenting on the new suspension setup Lee Niffenegger, program senior engineer at Honda Performance Development promised, "The new Accord Coupe V6 is already a natural on twisty roads, but the HFP package really takes it to a new level. With a lowered ride height, sport suspension and more performance-oriented tires, the HFP kit definitely provides more controlled body motions and enhanced stability."

The 2013 Honda Accord HFP will also have an added deck-lid spoiler, lower side skirting on the body, red interior lighting, and custom badging. The 500 units Honda plans to produce go on sale this week.

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