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Here Is The Fathers Day Gift Of A Lifetime - Racing School

Forget the "item" gifts. Go for an experience.

Fathers day is a great opportunity to create a lasting memory. Sure, that mug with a picture of you on it is something day will remember when he has coffee. But why not go big? We all just lived through a whopper of a year. Create a lasting memory with an experience gift. One dad will remember forever. The gift of racing.

Racetracks all have schools you can attend for a day or two for a reasonable amount of money. Typically, about $1500 per day. That may seem like a lot, but you get a lot. Here's what to expect.
Team O'Neil rally school imageRacing Schools - What Are They?
Racing schools come in a wide range of types. Some teach general skills on a racetrack and some specific skills. For example, the Team O'Neil Rally School in New Hampshire offers a range of classes. Some are winter-specific. Some are an introduction to rally racing. All of them are crazy fun.

They generally involve a bit of classroom preparation over coffee, suiting up, and heading out in racecars to have a lot of fun and to learn a lot of car control.

Racing Schools - How To Find One
Do a quick Google search on "Racing schools in my area" and you will find a long list. You may have a few hours to drive, or one may be close by. Make the drive part of the fun and book a local room. You will be glad you did. Racing schools are exhausting physically.

Racing Schools- Are They Safe?
If you are in good health they are generally safe. The risk of crashing is always present, but the cars are modified for safety and dad will be in a helmet and racing suit. These folks know their stuff. They want to have you back. Yes, there is a thrill, but you should be OK if you follow the plan. Every school will tell you how they plan to keep dad out of trouble. Listen and make your own decision.

Racing Schools - Which Are Best
The best depends on your dad's taste. All are fun, but if he is a NASCAR fan, find one of those. If he likes sports cars, a School like Monticello Motor Club's may be better.

Having been to a few of these schools, we suggest a short course to start. Also, attend with dad. It is much more fun with a companion along. If you opt for one, ell us what you thought in the comments below.

Note: Torque News received no compensation from the schools mentioned here for the publication of this story.

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Top of Page image courtesy of the Monticello Motor Club. Image in story body courtesy of Team O'Neil Rally SChool.