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Help Mazda’s Drive to 100 and Get $500 Off Your Next Mazda

Mazda’s charitable outreach programs hit overdrive. How you can help and benefit.

Mazda’s Driver for Good is in full swing. Just last week the Richmond Area Mazda Dealers in conjunction with MNAO donated $28,500 to The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Richmond. This follows our earlier reported donation of $55,300 in Florida by Mazda to donated to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital.

In addition to its charitable giving and Mazda employee’s generous donation of their time, Mazda is donating 100 cars to low-income families in the Northeast over the coming months. Called Mazda’s Drive to 100, the program will refurbish 100 vehicles that Mazda customers turn in and then provide them to families in need of affordable transportation for as little as $750. The Drive to 100 will take place from Washington, D.C. to Massachusetts between April and December 2016.

If you would like to help the Mazda Drive to 100, visit your local Mazda dealership with your vehicle donation and receive $500 toward the purchase of a new Mazda for a limited time. Donations will be accepted directly through the Baltimore-based nonprofit Vehicles for Change, Inc. (VFC) or at the nearest participating Mazda dealership. As a non-profit donation, you may also be eligible for a tax deduction.

Since 1999, VFC has helped improve the lives more than 17,500 by providing over 5,140 cars to low-income families. If you would like to be part of this positive change please start at this link.