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Half of the 10 Most Reliable Cars Come From This Company

Consumer Reports’ reliability rankings put Toyota/Lexus ahead by a country mile.

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Each year when Consumer Reports releases its owner-report reliability rankings, the cream rises to the top. Toyota and Lexus models are historically the top-ranked and this year is no exception. What is exceptional is just how much farther ahead Toyota and Lexus are and why.

Before we begin with the results, bear in mind that the results of the Consumer Reports rankings don’t come from the group’s editors and staff. They just compile the results. The data and the facts come from you, the typical vehicle owners that complete the detailed surveys reporting how reliable the cars in our country are.

Consumer Reports put together its 10 Most Reliable vehicles list and half of the models come from Toyota/Lexus. The Prius is at the top of the list. The world’s most popular green car, the car model and family of cars that has saved more gasoline than any other, and the most popular selling vehicle overall in many markets, the Prius is a legend. A similar car, made with a similar drivetrain, is the Lexus CT 200h, also on the list.
Other Toyota/Lexus models on the 10 Most Reliable List include the Lexus GX SUV, Lexus GS Sports sedan, and Toyota 4Runner SUV.

In addition to having half of the ten most reliable cars, Toyota/Lexus have no cars on the 10 Least Reliable List by Consumer Reports. Toyota’s strong placement was summarized by Consumer Reports in their report this way: “First, the least surprising news: Toyota and Lexus topped our list of the most reliable brands again. Toyota uses tried-and-true methods to build its vehicles, taking a conservative, evolutionary approach.”

We would offer a courtesy link to the Consumer Reports releases, but the publication is subscription only. You can read the full details by subscribing or buying the newsstand issue.

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