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Good Housekeeping Just Told 30 Million Readers This About Prius

What does Good Housekeeping know about the Toyota Prius? Quite a bit.

What does Good Housekeeping know about cars? Quite a bit actually. The group does an annual roundup of seven of its favorite vehicles, one in each major category. This year, the 2017 Toyota Prius 2 has earned its designation as the top hybrid in its "Top New Cars For 2017."

Good Housekeeping Magazine said that the 2017 Prius is "A money-saving Hybrid" with a "Sleek, futuristic design." The magazine thought that the extra visibility that Toyota designed into the rear cargo hatch of the Prius was a nice touch, saying it helps a driver by being, "...useful for seeing more of what's behind her." Sea Glass Pearl was the top pick of the Good Housekeeping staff.

Car and Driver consults with the Good Housekeeping staff to organize and deliver the test vehicles the group picks. The list is narrowed from 100 cars down to 25. Testers drove the cars on over 1,200 miles of test circuits and open roads and then rated the cars on value, safety, smoothness, handling, interior design and comfort and onboard technology.

The summary by Good Housekeeping was spot-on. They said, "The knockout gas mileage that the Prius delivers improves with every new model, and this one is no exception.