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Classic car lovers can win cash by voting for their favorite road and secret hot-spots

American Detours is a web-series that allows readers to choose the destination for epic road trips. Vote now for your chance to win $100.00.


There is nothing quite like a classic car travelling a classic American road. American Collectors Insurance has launched a series of webisodes highlighting the best roads in America and the secret spots that make them so fun to travel. If you would like to weigh in on your choice of favorite road you might win $100.00. You can also ride shotgun by following the progress of the road trips as they unfold. Even better, why not try to follow the course on your own.

Hosted by SyFy’s Jael De Pardo, the first episode will travel to Monongahela National Forest, Route 39 West Virginia. Also called the Appalachian Scenic Waters Byway, this road travels through five counties in Virginia and West Virginia. Traversing through a plethora of water features including lakes, rivers, streams and brooks, the road also has majestic mountain views.

Round two will feature a choice of six amazing roads. Representing the American desert will be the Las Vegas area route. Starting at Mt. Charleston, the route will drop 8,000 feet to end at the Vegas Strip. The Creole trail will bring the classic cars through Texas and Louisiana. This trip may also have been called gators and gumbo. The Wichita Mountains Oklahoma will be the vote for those who want to see the trip go though America’s prairie lands. The high speed trip choice will be the Bonneville Rt 80 run ending in Utah, which has a speed limit (widely ignored) of 80 mph. For those who like extremes the Neah Bay Washington trip will traverse the most northwesterly part of the US’ lower 48. If foliage is your dream of a great road trip (as it is mine) then vote for the Connecticut Housatonic river run.

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Voting for round two starts tomorrow. For more information and to vote visit the Facebook page of American Collectors Insurance by clicking here.