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Electric Bike Company’s New Model J Is Cool Customizable and Affordable

California-based Electric Bike Company now offers its Model J, and the prices seem like just one reason to take notice.

The Electric Bike Company (EBC) has just released its newest e-bike model line, the J. Approaching ten models by our count, the new Model J adds a sleek old-school motorcycle vibe to the line. The new Model J is targeted toward young adults looking for a bit more verve. EBC says the Model J combines luxury and leisure with a commitment to the safest, most technologically-sound e-bikes and batteries.

Is EBC a Reputable Company?
We checked out EBC’s Google reviews ratings and found the company has earned a remarkable 4.9-star rating on over 750 reviews. Recent review comments include:
-“Just received another bike from Electric Bike co Special ordered with custom colors couldn’t be happier. Very fast delivery - received in 1 week. Highly recommended.”

-“From ordering it and changing some things after my order to even the guy that delivered it, everyone was very helpful. Great company to work with.”

-“Love my new bike. The ride is very smooth, and the seat is very comfy. I chose to make it green, and it turned out really pretty. The pedal assist is great if I need help going uphill. I look forward to many years of very long trail rides.”

The Model J can be customized online to meet your individual tastes. You first select a frame color, then a fork type and color. You can customize the chain guard, and how do you not pick natural wood?! Rims and spoke colors are next, with your battery range being the big decision point. Up to 195 miles range is available. Your seat and grips can be selected to suit your style, of course. A direct drive is standard, or a seven-speed transmission can be added for $189.

We selected a black frame, despite the possible sun heating issues, because it looked great with black spokes and rims. Next, we selected red forks, leather grips, and a 7-speed transmission to accompany the largest battery. Our price? A reasonable $2,435. Much less expensive versions can be created. Opt for direct drive with a 65-mile battery, and your price is under $1,400.

Micah Toll of Elektrek says, “I’ve tested several e-bikes from EBC, as well as visited the company’s Newport Beach factories to see how they build and package their e-bikes firsthand. It’s frankly inspiring to see so many local Californians lacing motors into wheels, painting frames, wiring e-bikes, assembling batteries, and performing every other step of the process that we normally associate with nameless overseas factories.”

With a standover height of just 30 inches, the Model J can be ridden by riders as short in stature as 5’ 3” tall. Or, riders up to 6’ 10” weighing in at over 400 pounds can enjoy the Model J.

The Model J has a top speed of up to 28 MPH (if your municipality allows that high of a speed) and comes with a 10-year warranty. Best of all, there are no hassles the day it appears on your doorstep. Al Model J e-bikes arrive fully assembled. The 51-pound assembled weight means you can lift the Model J onto your bike rack solo if you’re fit enough, or a pal can help you out, and the bike is manageable for getaways.

Tell us in the comments below what you think of the new EBC Model J.

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Image of Model J courtesy of EBC.