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Cyber Monday Toyota Tacoma TRD Performance Parts Gift Ideas

Here are some gift ideas for the Tacoma owner in your life.

Did you know that fully 40% of all new Toyota Tacomas leave the dealer lot with a great truck deal, but also with some level of TRD performance upgrades? The remaining 60% wish they did! Here are some ideas for Cyber Monday for the Tacoma owner in your life, or for you as an owner to suggest when folks start asking what you want.

Toyota Tacoma Performance Air Intake
A performance air intake is a great way to reduce the incoming air pressure to your engine. Intakes like this one can reduce pressure by as much as 15% letting your engine breathe better and possibly increase power. However, this is not a great idea for those that run their Tacoma off-road through water. This is more of an on-road idea. Budget about $1,000 for this pricey gift.

Tacoma TRD Air and Oil Filters
If the Air Intake is a budget-buster consider a Tacoma TRD performance air filter and oil filter. Toyota says these reduce pressure, and they are of course factory parts, so there is no warranty issue. Budget about $100.

Tacoma TRD Shift Knob
A leather wrapped TRD shift knob is a great stocking stuffer and can be installed in 30 seconds. Budget about $100 for this item, but you can likely get it for less.

Go Nuts – TRD Drivetrain Parts
Toyota can upgrade the drivetrain of any Tacoma. Some can go as far as superchargers, but performance clutches, shifters, and differentials are more common. This is a job for a local, trusted Toyota dealer. No budget here. This is for those with heavy wallets.

Main image courtesy of Tim Esterdahl