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Consumer Reports - Toyota Highlander is a Top-10 Pick of 2015

Consumer Reports knows practical cars better than anyone. Here’s why they like the Highlander.

When Consumer Reports ranks sports sedans and sports cars we always cringe a little, but the independent magazine’s taste in things practical is unquestionable. The 2015 Toyota Highlander is nothing if not practical. Well, maybe safe, but safe and practical are like peas and carrots.

Highlander Safety
Choosing the Toyota Highlander over the competition should have come easy for the folks at CR. After all, it is the safest vehicle in its class. In fact, the Highlander is the only vehicle of its type to earn the IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus rating the highest safety rating possible in the US.

Toyota Reliability
Consumer Reports doesn’t need anyone to tell it if a vehicle is reliable. According to the CR, the Highlander ranks a five out of five. Just in case you were still wondering about the Highlander’s reliability (don’t) you may feel better knowing that Toyota is the highest ranked non-premium brand in the most recent J.D. Power and Associated Durability Study. Lexus was the highest overall.

Consumer Reports on Highlander
Speaking about the Highlander Consumer Reports said, “ The interior packaging is cavernous and smart—with neat touches like a wee balcony for your smart phone and a center cubby that will swallow a purse. This is the real swagger wagon for the sensible crowd.” In its full review, CR said the Highlander “ …handles responsively, the ride is steady and absorbent, and interior space is generous.” CR also pointed out that the Highlander can come either as an 8-passenger or seven depending upon which trim a buyer opts for. It’s like two vehicles in one. How practical of Toyota.

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