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Concept shows how Mazda's 2013 Mazda 6 will shake up the family sedan market

The Takeri Concept unveiled at New York Auto Show may foreshadow the next Mazda 6 sedan.

Concept cars are rarely just design studies. At this year’s New York International Auto Show Mazda will debut its Takeri concept in the US. The Takeri concept is widely believed to represent the new Mazda 6 which will likely be a model year 2013 release. The current Mazda 6 was intended originally to compete with the Honda Accord and to a lesser degree the Toyota Camry. However, while Mazda was targeting yesterday’s hot products other companies like Hyundai and Kia leapt ahead and shook up the 4 door sedan market with radical styling and powertrain changes. Thus the Mazda 6 never really had the success that Mazda had hoped.


The Takeri concept blends the KODO design style Mazda has developed with its SKYACTIV suite of drivetrain and other technical improvements that improve mileage and performance. KODO design features a swooping hood-line. The long hood will also help to meet pedestrian safety standards. The lines of the car are crisp and will update the look of Mazda’s sedan to better compete with the Sonata and Optima which are widely viewed as the best looking of the class.

The engine showcased in the Takeri Concept may not make it to the US in the form shown, but it would be a strong competitor to the Volkswagen Passat TDI if it were used. The Passat, and its smaller sibling the Jetta, feature diesel engines that far surpass the fuel mileage of any gas powered, non-hybrid, rival. In fact, diesel is even more efficient than most hybrids on the highway. The Takeris Concept's power plant is a 2.2 liter clean diesel. It combines the mileage of the diesel with two technologies that have been proven to increase real-world fuel economy. First is idle-stop technology. Although becoming more common, this feature is rarely seen on a diesel in the US. Also, the concept has a capacitor based system that will store energy captured during braking and then use that energy to power the car’s electrical needs. Not a hybrid powertrain, but a system that does capture braking energy to improve fuel economy.

Mazda plans to hold a news conference on April 4rth to share more information regarding the Takeri and the Mazda 6 as part of an overview of its global business plans.