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carVertical Launches In US Market - The Easiest Way to Uncover Mileage Fraud and Accidents

carVertical is a new tool that used vehicle shoppers will find quite handy.


When you shop for a new car, how do you know for certain that the car has not been in an undisclosed accident? How do you know that the odometer reading is valid and that it has not been altered to reflect a lower mileage than the vehicle actually has? One way is to use a vehicle identification number (VIN) database that contains all of the pertinent information about that vehicle. One new player in this vehicle data marketplace is carVertical.


The company bills itself as, "The Easiest Way to Uncover Mileage Fraud and Accidents." One simply needs to visit carVertical's website and input the VIN number of the vehicle. A VIN is an identification number that the manufacturer uses to provide not just year, make and model, but also manufacturing location and specific trim codes. Once the vehicle is sold, the VIN is also the identifier for all future registrations, sales, state safety inspections, accidents reported to insurance companies, and similar vehicle history events. Most shops and all dealers also keep track of the maintenance done on the vehicle using the VIN and they date and mileage stamp that work. This creates a data trail that used vehicle shoppers can tap into to see the vehicle history.

sample report

The American market is new to carVertical, which started in Europe and has recently arrived in the U.S. To see if carVertical was really able to provide accurate data Torque News tested it by running the VIN of a 2019 Ford F-150 test vehicle we are presently using. Sure enough, carVertical had accurate and up to date info on the Ford and it was quickly provided. It took under 1 minute for us to run the report.

CARFAX and other vehicle data sources may be more familiar names, but keep an eye out for carVertical. The company provides many other services in other markets and we expect that those will soon roll out here as well. Daily news on carVertical can be found on Twitter using the @carVertical_com name.

To check out carVertical, simply visit the website and input your VIN. You can find your VIN on your vehicle registration card, or you can look at the lower corner of the driver's side windshield for the number. We find it easiest to take an image of that number and then magnify it on our phone. If you try our carVertical please tell us in the comments below how well it worked for you.

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