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Breaking Tesla News - Musk Bails On Trump, Tesla Factory Safety, Sales

This week's news has updates on Tesla factory safety, an interesting spin on Tesla Model S sales and Elon Musk's decision to quit on the Trump advisory committee.

This week's breaking news about Tesla, Inc covers many topics, but all are related primarily to the Tesla car division. First up, our favorite Tesla expert, and three-time Model S owner, Alex Guberman explains that there are differing views about Elon Musk's decision to quite the Trump advisory council given the recent announcement about the Paris environmental agreement. Many support Elon's decision to take his ball and go home when things didn't go his way, other Tesla owners had hoped Musk would stay more than the handful of weeks he was on the council and provide longer term guidance for the new President.

A new report that shows that Tesla's factory has had higher than industry average injury rates. In response, Elon Musk now will be informed of all worker injuries. He will also perform all of the jobs which result in an injury.

Alex also overviews some positive news regarding Tesla Model S sales. According to Alex, the sales of the Model S are higher than three flagship models at Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche combined. While that may be true, Tesla has not sold more than 2,000 model S cars in four out of five of the months of 2017. In May, Tesla sold less than 4,000 total vehicles in the U.S. market according to Inside EVs. If this is success, Tesla should rethink its goals.

Alex concludes with news on Tesla's stock that should bring a smile to many.