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Breaking Tesla News Includes Surprise Solar Roof Price, Elon Musk's Letter to Trump, Supercharging

This week's Tesla news covers important topics including politics, performance, and a surprise price on solar roofs.

This week's Tesla News covers a wide range of topics for the company. Our favorite Tesla expert and three-time Model S owner, Alex Guberman, breaks it all down.

Tesla Solar Roof Prices
First up, Tesla has announced the prices for its new solar roof product in two styles. The news announced by the general media based on Tesla's estimates is that the roof will cost less than anticipated. If you want an independent breakdown of the costs, start with this overview by Consumer Reports, who did a detailed analysis of their own.

Elon Musk Writes President Trump an Open Letter
Elon Musk has written President Trump a letter related to the Paris climate initiative. As Alex mentioned, many Musk supporters were upset that he agreed to advise President Trump, others countered that it would give him the opportunity to be a reasoned voice on many topics.

Supercharger Charge Rates Slow?
This was a hot topic over the past week after it was revealed that Tesla slows the charge rate of vehicles that use superchargers very frequently. It will not affect owners who use the Superchargers as intended and the owner that discovered it reportedly charges almost exclusively on the Supercharger network.

Tesla Stock Prices
Will Tesla's stock rise or fall this week based on this news? Alex has a report for those that watch the stock. Watch the video to see the answer.