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Breaking Tesla News Includes Superchargers, A Musk Firing, and Rockets

This week's Tesla Inc. news has information on Superchargers and spaceships. Plus more gossip.

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This week's Tesla News goes beyond just cars. Our guest reporter, Alex Guberman is a three-time Model S owner and the founder of the Facebook Model S Owners' Club and the Youtube page, Everything Tesla.

This week, Alex's video reports that Tesla plans to double the Superchargers globally in a year. That will be great news for Tesla fans in states like Maine and Rhode Island who currently only have one or two to serve the entire state. However, our suspicion is that the sites will be in higher-density areas, not rural regions.

Alex also reports that for the first time in history a recycled rocket was launched back into space. Elon Musk says that the cost savings can be as much as 100% for a recycled rocket. That is hard to understand mathematically, but we are sure the value is tremendous. Other space enthusiasts might see the U.S. Space Shuttle program as the first to use re-usable spacecraft.

This week's Elon Musk gossip includes him firing the former owner of a company that Tesla acquired over the focus of that company's time. In our opinion, this is an example of leadership. There can only be one lead dog.

Last, a Tesla stock update. Seems like ages since we reported any declines in Tesla stock value. Is this the week? The video will tell you.

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