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Breaking Tesla News Includes Service Upgrades, Help For Australia, China Sales, Stock Update

This week's Tesla, Inc. news has updates on collision repair service, batteries for Australia, Chinese sales increases, and a stock update.

This week's Tesla, Inc. news with three-time Tesla owner, and Facebook Tesla Model S Owner's Club founder Alex Guberman covers many important topics. First up, Tesla, Inc. is addressing a long-running issue many owners have complained about. Due to Tesla's unique construction, including aluminum-intensive materials usage, not all auto-body repair shops are able to handle the cars. Tesla promises to address this issue soon by adding more Tesla-capable shops country-wide. More details are in the video.

Tesla, Inc. is hoping to help Austrailia deal with an energy crunch by installing battery banks. The video explains Elon Musk's 100-day promise to that country.

Tesla, Inc. fans may have wondered why U.S. sales seem to be underwhelming. One reason might be the allocation of Tesla automobiles to countries outside of the U.S. According to Alex's report, Tesla has tripled its sales in China and now has revenues of over $1 Billion annually from that region. We are still not sure that is a good excuse for the Model S to be the third-leading seller in the U.S this year, and for the Model X to be in sixth place, but Tesla fans may see some hope in this strong overseas sales report.

Alex also updated the Tesla stock performance for the week. Watch the video to learn how the price changed in the past business week.