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Breaking Tesla News Includes Model 3, Musk vs Trump, and Another Almost Ready Product

This week's Tesla news has two almost ready product updates and more on the Musk / Trump relationship.

Our weekly news update courtesy of three-time Tesla owner, and all-around Tesla expert, Alex Guberman covers everyone's favorite topics this week.

First up, Alex dons some rose colored glasses to report that Elon Musk has driven a Tesla Model 3 production candidate. Not a production Model 3, but one being considered. With April arriving at the end of this week, it would seem that Tesla should already know what a production Model 3 looks like if there is any hope of that model being on time for sale mid-year, or even late year. With no production model to submit for EPA or safety testing, it would seem those important pre-launch requirements are still not done.

In the on-going push-pull between Elon Musk and President Donald Trump, this week's update is that Elon Musk "Slammed" the bill passed by congress and signed by President Trump. The new law funds NASA with $19.5 billion starting this October. Musk's complaints are of course related to funding that might go towards Musk's preferences. One other way to look at the new funding bill signed into law is that it is the first passed in seven years.

Like the Tesla Model 3, Tesla, Inc. had a new update for the as-yet-unreleased Solar Roof product. The long and the short of this announcement is that it is almost ready.

Alex wraps the week with a stock update we won't spoil. See the video below to learn more and subscribe to get your updates unfiltered.