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BMW 4 Series now available with special M Performance bits

BMW's quest to make customers feel special is now a formal effort led by the parts department.

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BMW has announced that it will begin to supply M specification parts to the just released 4 Series. The idea is that parts can be designed by BMW for the specific car that owners drive and then the owners can obtain those parts (manly at dealerships, where they will also be installed). The program is called BMW M Performance Parts program. Lexus has the F Sport component program, Subaru the STI program. Now BMW has an official program like those as well.

BMW automobiles are about exclusivity and specialty. There are drivers who buy them as daily drivers and don’t want more than a good vehicle they can rely on. However, every car maker can satisfy that driver. BMW tries hard to be an automaker than can provide some level of exclusivity to its owners who want that. BMW’s ever expanding model line-up built from really just a few platforms are a big part of that and the new 4 Series is an excellent example. By stealing away the 3 Series’ coupe, and making it its own series, the 4, BMW has now made a whole new model for those who want to be a little more special than the 3 Series makes them feel.

The program will also include the 1, 3, 5, and 6 series cars. Components are available to tune suspensions, and also provide more power. Customers that have purchased such cars as the 435i without the go-fast bits can add them back later. As an extreme example a customer can add a limited slip differential to that model. Even the diesel cars are included. Where the program makes its mark, though is in the M Specification looks. BMW can supply such items as special alloy wheels, painted red or yellow calipers, chrome “tailpipe embellishers” and many other small touches that make customers cars look the part of the M-Spec cars. Some of the parts are functional, such as front splitters made of carbon fiber.

Interiors are included as well. Side sill foils with the M Performance inscription will work well to ensure that passengers know the car has been modified (so special). Special M performance steering wheels can be added. If one does add the special wheel it would be important not to forget the gear lever in carbon with an Alcantara gaiter. Special pedals and a special footrest (dead pedal) along with strops of Alcantara for the interior complete the look.

The new 4 Series was confirmation that BMW is all about making customers feel special and this new program will go hand in hand with that goal.

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