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BFGoodrich expands all-terrain tire options for Toyota Tacoma

Looking for an off-road, on-road, snow tire for your Tacoma? BFGoodrich thinks it has the answer.

Tacomas in the snow (you know the acronym) has been a hot topic lately on every Tacoma forum. Coincidental to that, or maybe not, BFGoodrich today announced that it is expanding its T/A KO2 all-terrain tire line significantly. The tire maker specifically mentions Toyota trucks in its most recent press release.

BF Goodrich focused its attention on three major areas when designing the KO2. Side-wall toughness, tread life, and aggressive traction. The new version of the KOS is 20% stronger in the sidewall than the KO line according to the tire maker. The thickness and compound used in the sidewall were improved to prevent bruises, snags, and splits.

Most tires that are all-terrain spend most of their miles on asphalt and gravel. To maximize the KO2’s tread life on these surfaces by 15% or more, BFGoodrich changed the tread compound. The tread rubber itself is more resistant to chipping and tears on gravel and can last up to twice as long as previous designs. The tread was designed to eject stones, rather than trap them and allow the stones to dig into the tire’s compound.

As an all-season tire, the KO2 is snow and mud capable. Looking at the design, it is clear this is not a winter road-tire design. There simply are not enough sipes. However, BFGoodrich says that sipes it dies incorporate are 3D and do create biting edges for snow.

16 new sizes roll out through April in diameters from 16 to 20 inches. By the end of the summer, the company says it will have added 61 new sizes of this tire. For more information see the company’s information page.