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2025 Honda Civic Hybrid - The Most Anticipated New Green Car of This Year

The most-anticipated new green vehicle of 2025 is the Honda Civic Hybrid. Here’s what’s ahead and why we see this hybrid-electric vehicle as so significant.

Honda’s new 2025 Civic Hybrid is about to begin deliveries. Honda says the new Civic hybrid-electric vehicles will begin customer deliveries in June, with sedan body styles coming first and our favorite - the hatchback - arriving in July or August. 

Why the Civic Hybrid Is Such an Important Green Vehicle For America
This new green vehicle will deliver an MPG rating near 50 MPG, approximately 50% better than many popular sedans with its passenger volume. Green cars that sell in tiny numbers are meaningless, and that’s why Honda's high-volume Civic hybrid-electric vehicle is so critical to the U.S. market. Honda plans to equip about 40% of its total Civic production with hybrid-electric powertrains. That means that on an annualized basis, the Honda Civic sedan will add over 100,000 green vehicles to our roadways in place of conventionally powered vehicles. Along with the Camry going 100% hybrid-electric for this new model year, the Civic is the biggest sedan addition to America’s green vehicle fleet in many years.

Civic, Accord, Camry, And Tesla Model 3
By our count, the green sedan volume leaders in America - in order will be as follows:

1) Tesla Model 3
2) Toyota Camry Hybrid
3) Honda Civic Hybrid
4) Honda Accord Hybrid
In total, deliveries of these green sedans could approach 1 million green vehicles per year, roughly 1/16th the total volume of all vehicles sold in America. 

"The new Civic hybrid is a perfectly-timed addition to the Honda lineup as hybrid-electric sales continue to grow, providing Honda with an important building block toward 100% zero-emissions vehicle sales by 2040," said Lance Woelfer, assistant vice president of Honda National Auto Sales, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "Honda hybrid-electric models represented over one-quarter of our overall brand sales in 2023, and the fun-to-drive Civic hybrid is a fantastic new product at the gateway of our popular electrified lineup along with Accord hybrid, CR-V hybrid and the all-electric Prologue."

2025 Honda Civic Hybrid - Coolest Expected Feature - Adjustable Regen Power
Honda says the new 2025 Civic hybrid-electric vehicle will have a feature we love. There will be four levels of regenerative-braking deceleration available through selector paddles on the steering wheel. We love this feature on the Chevy Bolt, and are glad that Honda opted to add it. 

2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Fast Facts:
Torque = 232 lb.-ft.
Expected MPG ~ 50 
Regen Settings - 4
Top Trim Audio - 12-speaker Bose premium
Top Trim Infotainment - Google Built-In With 9-inch touchscreen & wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Image of 2025 Civic Hybrid courtesy of Honda.

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