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2018 Toyota Sienna Gets A New System Every Parent Will Appreciate

The new 2018 Toyota Sienna has a full suite of safety systems on all trims. Here is what is included and how it improves safety.

For 2018, the Toyota Sienna has standard active safety on all trims. Called Toyota Safety Sense P, the suite of new technologies helps aid drivers in keeping travel safe. Here is a look at what the systems do, and why they are helpful.

Forward Collision Prevention & Emergency Auto Braking
The most costly injury to Americans in automotive crashes overall is whiplash. Toyota leads the way with forward crash prevention and automatic emergency braking. Toyota was the first company to announce that it would beat the self-imposed 2022 industry deadline to add this technology to all mainstream vehicles and has now added the technology to every trim of the Sienna. In real-world testing, this safety system reduced forward crashes by as much as 40%. Pedestrian detection that can automatically reduce speeds and alert a driver to a pedestrian they cannot see is part of this system.

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (LDA w/SA)
Lane departure alert can help keep a driver on the road. Toyota's steering assist will even intervene to help nudge a car back to its intended path while a driver recovers control.

Automatic High Beams
Auto high beams are helpful because studies have shown that most drivers do not use their high beams as often as they could. The system automatically dims the lights when other vehicles are ahead.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
The same sensors that help with auto braking can be used to control a vehicle's speed on the highway. Adaptive cruise control is standard on Sienna for 2018. It will match the speed of a vehicle ahead up to a pre-set milt. That means cruise control is easier to use and reduces fatigue.