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2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro - First Drive Compilation

We pull together a diverse group of opinions on how the all-new 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro drives

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This past week Toyota flew a select group of automotive journalists to Hawaii to test the all-new Tacoma TRD Pro. The TRD Pro is a perennial award winner and often cited as the best off-road pickup truck in existence. This new TRD Pro deserves a close look by anyone who wants a tough, go-anywhere truck that sweats all the details. Our image above shows the difference between the previously launched TRD Off-Road and the TR Pro. Here’s what people are saying.

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Automobile Magazine, Todd Lassa
Todd Lassa at Automobile pointed out an interesting fact about eh Tacoma in case you were wondering why the launch of the TRD Pro was in far-off Hawaii. The reason is that the Tacoma is the state’s top-selling vehicle overall.

Lassa said the Tacoma is “…proof of the Japanese manufacturer’s ability to offer passionate drivers as much spice as any sexier brand while still cranking out beige RAV4s and Camrys.” He also said of the manual transmission, “It’s virtually free of the slop associated with most trucks’ stick shifts, easily among the best in the business. While it’s no sports car gearbox, it would be this critic’s choice.” So how did the Taco TRD Pro do on the island’s famous pumice mountain slopes? Lassa said, “The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro really shines at hill climbing.”

Left Lane News, Drew Johson
Drew Johnson at Left Lane News summed up the Tacoma YTRD Pro in one statement, saying “The Tacoma TRD Pro is one tough mudder, proving its merits by bounding over the uneven terrain at speeds approaching 40mph. A fresh rain made for extremely slick conditions, but the Tacoma TRD Pro kept hammering lap after lap. Even during wide skids on the slippery mud, the TRD Pro and its four-wheel drive system was a breeze to control.” There is a video of the Tacoma at Left Lane’s review link above. (More On Page 2)

Scott Brady of Expedition Portal
Expedition Portal somehow got a TRD Pro back in February. They drove it to Alaska, a nice counterpoint to our other non-contiguous state, Hawaii. We liked Mr. Brady’s perspective on how well the Tacoma TRD Pro stacks up to the non-U.S. Hilux. Brady said, “Without question, the 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro is the most capable compact truck Toyota has ever produced, eclipsing even the venerated HiLux for technical terrain and high-speed dirt performance. I do not make these accolades lightly, having owned both earlier Tacomas and even solid axle Hilux models.”

So there you have it. A compliation of three reviews about as diverse as one can find. The word on the street is that Toyota’s new TRD Pro Tacoma is still the best off-road pickup in America.

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