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2017 Toyota Prius Prime Sales Top Tesla, Bolt, and Volt For Second Straight Month

For the second straight month, the Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in outsells both Tesla models, the Chevy Bolt and the Chevy Volt.

For the second straight month, the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid-Electric (PHEV) has outsold the Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model X, the Chevy Volt, and the Chevy Bolt. The Nissan Leaf is now no longer anyplace close to the sales of the top EVs in America with sales about half that of the leaders.

In May, the Toyota Prius Prime garnered sales of 1,908 cars. That number is the highest monthly sales total for any electric car in America in four of the five months of 2017. By comparison, Chevy sold 1,817 Volt extended range electric vehicles and 1,566 Bolt battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Tesla does not release its sales figures like every other automaker in America. Instead, it keeps its sales figures from the public until forced to reveal them by SEC regulations quarterly. However, Inside EVs tracks Tesla's sales by registration data and estimates that Tesla sold just 1,60 Model S cars and 1,730 Model X minivan/SUVs in May.

Ford's plug-in cars have been selling relatively well for older designs, but Ford does not release its sales figures until two working days after the close of the month. Expectations are that the Prius Prime will again be the top-selling electric vehicle in the country.

Year to date, the Prius Prime is now third behind the Chevy Volt and Tesla Model S in overall sales. The Prime has 8,073 sales YTD, the Volt 9,187, and it is estimated that the Tesla Model S has about 8,850. The Chevy Bolt is way behind the top three with sales under 6,000 units year to date. However, the Bolt is scheduled to move its sales nationwide in September, which may give the car a boost. Or it may not. When the Bolt expanded to other states instead of just California, its sales actually declined.

Those keeping track of other green cars may find it interesting that the Toyota Prius Hybrid Family is still outselling all cars with a plug combined (when Prius Prime is not included) and had sales over 10,000 units in May.

Image of Prius Prime charging at workplace courtesy of Jesse Rudavsky.