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2016 Toyota Corolla Best Car Lease Deal According to Edmunds

By our math, the total cost of the Toyota Corolla LE is $188.97 per month including the money down.

What can you buy today for $188.97 per month? Rather what can’t you buy? You can’t get the cable TV and internet package this writer uses for that low price. Nor can one heat a typical home for that in the snow belt. If you have kids with cell phones, the odds are you pay more than that for mobile phone coverage. One thing you can get for that price is a 2016 Toyota Corolla LE. At least according to Edmunds.

Edmunds does a periodical “roundup” and finds all the great lease deals in the U.S. In its latest, Edmunds found that the best car lease deal is the Corolla LE. Now the LE not the base Corolla, but it is also not the one with the crazy mileage (that is the Corolla LE Eco). Nor is it the top-scec Corolla (That is the Corolla S). However, it will, as the saying goes, “get you from A to B.” The image we used in the story is, actually, a Corolla LE.

Edmunds says that the cost is in two main parts, and we are not including insurance, taxes and fuel of course. The first part is $1,799 down. The second part is you need to pay $139 per month for 36 months. We checked our math twice and are pretty sure the total is $188.97. That seems like a pretty amazing deal for the money.