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2016 Toyota Camry and Avalon Recalled- Airbags Again

Camry and Avalon may have problems with airbag sensors.

Those pesky airbags. They’ve caused a new recall on Toyota Camry and Avalon 2016 models. This time, it isn’t anything to do with the Takata shrapnel in the face issue, but rather a possible calibration problem.

Airbags for front passengers have sensors that determine when that side’s airbag should deploy based on weight. If there is no weight, or a weight below that of an adult passenger, the airbag is off and will not deploy in a crash. During manufacturing that sensor must be calibrated. Toyota says that the calibration may not be right on about 60,000 of the Camry and Avalon vehicles in this recall.

The problem is that the calibration is too low. Even a typical adult may not be heavy enough to arm the airbag sensor. Thus, in a crash, the front passenger airbag and knee airbag may not deploy. To remedy this, Toyota will put all of its current owners’ families on a high-calorie diet regimen which will raise their body weight to a sufficient level that the airbag will deploy. Meals will be provided at no cost to the vehicle owner.

Kidding aside, Toyota will recalibrate the airbag sensors at no charge to owners. Owners of vehicles covered under the recall will be notified via snail mail, as the law dictates. Or, you can look up your vehicle right now at this link to see if you will be visiting your local dealer to deal with this issue.