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2016 Mazda6 refresh focuses on enhanced looks and build quality

After four successful years in the mid-size market, Mazda sharpens the look and tightens up the joints of the Mazda6 sedan.


In 2012, Mazda introduced its flagship Mazda6 as a fully redesigned model. For 2016, Mazda will make changes to the look and feel of the Mazda6 to keep the model popular. The most obvious changes occur to the front of the car, but drivers will appreciate the changes under the skin when driving.

2016 Mazda6 Style Enhancements
The Mazda6 came to market very close to the Takeri Concept car. This concept expressed the Kodo “Soul of Motion” design that has become Mazda’s signature look in today’s market. With the new 2016 refresh, Mazda turns its attention back to the Takeri and enhances some of the features of the 6. The headlights become more “eye-like.” Mazda says the look is of a person staring confidently ahead. The grill treatment is enhanced with a grill that has three-dimensional depth when viewed from the front. The Mazda wing emblem is brought more sharply into focus. Overall the front looks more stylish, and that is a pretty high compliment given that the Mazda6 already has one of the best-looking front ends in the business.

Mazda Quality Enhancements
Inside Mazda focused on two main areas. First, the company improved the build quality and tightened up gaps and seams throughout the cabin. Although we love the interior of the Mazda6 and Mazda3, this is a welcome move. Next, Mazda worked under the skin of the Mazda6 to improve Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH). Mazda says it made double digit improvements in this area and that on the highway, in particular, the changes will be felt by drivers as improved smoothness and a quieter ride.

Overall the changes to this vehicle are a simple refresh to one of the best-looking mid-size sedans at any price point.

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