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Mazda Celebrates National Dog Day with new 2016 Mazda3 award

Autotrader puts the Mazda3 on a list of best cars for dogs.

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If we are going to be truthful we should mention that your dog really wants you to buy a cheap, old pickup truck once used to haul rubbish and let him/her ride in the back. Your dog’s second choice is a used Jeep with no doors or roof and the windshield folded flat that the local Chinese Food delivery guy used for five years. Luckily, Spot is not making the purchase decision. Mazda’s 2016 Mazda3 earned a surprise spot on the top nine NEW vehicles for dogs list put together by Autotrader. Here’s why.

Huge SUVs obviously have more room for pets in back than do cars. Huge SUVs also suck gas at a rate that will force you switch to generic dry dog food too. For those looking for an affordable, safe, stylish, great in the winter, fun to drive car with a hatchback, Mazda offers an inviting solution. The 2016 Mazda3 is a Top Safety Pick Plus-rated subcompact car. Its 40 MPG highway, 33 combined fuel economy on regular unleaded fuel offers one of the best costs per mile this side of a boring hybrid. That most comparison tests choose it as the most fun to drive car in its class is just icing on the cake.

Autotrader’s new list of the best nine (couldn’t come up with a tenth guys?) vehicles for pets said that the Mazda3 “offers a practical hatchback body style, which features a roomy cargo area for all the dog accessories you might want to carry. But the Mazda3 has other benefits too, including a low load floor, a big back seat and a lot of available safety features to keep you and your dog safe.”

The Mazda3 has a lot to offer you. And your dog.

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