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2015 Tesla Model S 70D is AAA Green Car of the Year

2016 Tesla Model S 70D takes three top green car prizes from AAA.

The 2015 Tesla Model S 70D was named Green Car of the Year by AAA this week. The group organizes green vehicles into six categories. The Model S 70D won half of those. It took home the overall top ranking, Best Large Green Car, and Best Green Car over $50,000.

AAA considered eighty different green vehicles in its rankings this year. The group rated vehicles in 13 areas and assigned a score of 0-10 points in each area. The Tesla Model S 70D had the highest score of 92.49. Numbers two and three overall were the BMW i3 with a score of 88.47, and the Volkswagen e-Golf SEL Premium with a score of 87.09. In addition to winning the top spot, the Tesla Model S is presently the top-selling battery-electric vehicle in America. It outsells the number two and three vehicles on this list by more than five to one most months.

Commenting on the results and Tesla’s big win, John Nielsen, AAA's managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair, said, "The Tesla Model S 70D has a 240-mile range, room for five, excellent power and steering, and fast charge capability. Add sleek styling, great acceleration and an air of sophistication that separates it from other alternative-fueled vehicles and you see why the Model S 70D was our top vehicle this year."

The Model S 70D starts at around $77K. On its website the company also has stock Model S 70D vehicles that have been used as design center demonstration units with lease prices around $850 per month with about $7K cash down. Standard features include access to the Tesla Supercharger network and the free charging at those locations. Shoppers interested in seeing more AAA information on these vehicles should visit AAA online.