2015 Mazda3 Best for Grads and Families
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2015 Mazda3 crosses buyer boundaries

The Mazda3 is the pick for young enthusiasts and families alike

The 2015 Mazda3 has earned 15 automotive awards. Just this year. Two recent awards announced this week caught our attention because they singled out two very different buyer groups, college graduates, and family buyers, as those that would find the Mazda3 the best choice.

Autotrader – Mazda3 a Best Car for Graduates
Graduates want value, style, sportiness, and affordability. The Mazda3 offers all of this, but in a package that doesn’t scream “kid’s car.” Autotrader said of the Mazda3 “Budget permitting, we'd be tempted to splurge on the 3's optional knob-based infotainment system and leather upholstery. In any form, however, the 3 is one of the very best cars in this price range.”

The Mazda3 is also one of the remaining fun cars one can get with a stick. If you’re not going to learn to drive a manual while you’re young, you are likely never going to. There was a time then the Acura Integra owned this segment. Acura left the Integra behind to focus on sport utility vehicles, which is fine. Let’s just be glad that Mazda stepped up and created something a person can be proud to pick up a date in and still be able to afford payments on while earning an entry level salary.

Parents Magazine / Edmunds – Mazda3 a Best Car for Families
The priorities for a family car are different. Safety is paramount. Reliability is also important. Busy working parents don’t have time for breakdowns and hassles. Big would be nice, but many families need to drive within a budget. So what car is super-safe, affordable, has room for some little kids in the back and an easy to load cargo area? Well, the Mazda3 of course. The Mazda3 with its optional forward collision system earns the IIHS’ Top Safety Pick Plus rating, the highest possible safety rating. That is just one reason Parents Magazine named the Mazda3 a Best Family Car of 2015.

Here’s another thought. Grads shouldn’t have too much concern for the future, but why not select a vehicle you can drive and enjoy now, but should you meet that special someone and decide to start a family, would not have to trade away in hurry?

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