2012 BMW 3 Series
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2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan safest for 5 reasons

BMW 2012 3 Series named Top Safety Pick for crash test and has 5 unusual technologies to keep passengers safe.

The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) has awarded BMW’s 2012 3 Series Sedan its highest rating and named the car a “Top Safety Pick. “ The 3 Series is engineered to meet the full requirements of the crash test and has the required equipment such as stability control, anti-lock brakes, and the usual airbags in all the right places. What makes the BMW unusual is the host of additional safety features it provides to keep passengers safe.

BMW's 5 Safety Features
These features are not commonly found on cars, but help the 3 series keep the driver safe:
- Head-Up Display allows the driver to continue looking ahead and not move his eyes from the forward position. While doing so the Head Up Display shows the driver information such as current speed, the name of the road being travelled, the next turn, and the speed limit for that roadway.
- Lane Departure and Lane Change Warning is provided using radar and cameras. The basic idea is that if the driver drifts out of a lane the car will first alert the driver, and then take some action to steer and reduce speed. Having tested this type of system we can say it is a surprise how often one drifts from the center of one’s lane without knowing it.
- Adaptive headlights with auto dimming keep the road well lit ahead and to the sides and allow the driver to focus on driving rather than dimming the lights on their own.
- Advanced emergency call helps the driver in the event of an accident and alerts first responders as quickly as possible. The system even advises the responders of the driver’s likely condition.
- Rear View Camera with Surround View allows the driver to take advantage of 5 cameras to see all of the views of the car not just the area directly behind the car.

2012 BMW 3 Series Good On All Tests
In addition to these features the 2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan performed very well in the crash testing conducted by the IIHS receiving a score of “good” in all four tests. Tom Baloga – Vice-President, Engineering (US) for BMW said in a press release “While we remain committed to providing the best possible passenger protection, we believe that the best crash is the one avoided. The new 3 Series offers even more active safety technology, firmly rooted in the dynamics and handling that have made it the quintessential sports sedan through six generations.”

New Roof Crush Testing
The newest test that the IIHS conducts is the roof crush test (photo). The test simulates the car’s ability to withstand a rollover and still protect the occupants. To pass the test a vehicle must be able to withstand a metal plate that is pressed against the corner of the roof with a force commensurate with the vehicle’s weight.

BMW has engineered the 2012 3 Series Sedan to meet the most rigorous tests crash tests available and has also added innovative safety features to protect its driver and occupants.

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