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Wounded Warrior Project Titan Returns From Alaska

Returning from 10 days in the deepest reaches of Alaska, Wounded Warrior Project members David Guzman and Kevin McMahon show off the special Nissan Titan truck created for their adventure at the State Fair of Texas.


Project Titan, as it was called, encompassed weeks of planning that culminated in a crowd-sourced truck-based adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. Wounded Warrior Project Alumni David Guzman and Kevin McMahon were chosen by the WWP to take the ten-day adventure of a lifetime and Nissan went to the social cloud to crowd-source the Titan pickup truck's customization for the trip.

Winches, custom wheels, custom paint wrap, bumper upgrades, crash bars, a customized gear trailer, beefy tires, additional lighting, and a lot more were chosen by Nissan fans across social media as voting commenced the truck's build. When it was all ready, the two Iraq War veterans were briefed and put aboard a plane to meet up with the truck in Alaska. They arrived in time to see it being offloaded from its transport aircraft. As the video below shows, they were ecstatic.

"We were told flat-out, ‘get her stuck; we want to use the winches.' She's built with some unbelievable capabilities: front winch, rear winch. And I had the fortunate pleasure of driving her through the mud. David and I were taking turns driving on different adventures and I could not get her stuck," said Kevin McMahon.

The two veterans definitely put the Project Titan truck through some beautiful back country and hard terrain. But the Titan made it through with only minor difficulties. The Recon Titan wrap on the truck complemented hardware like the NISMO cold-air intake and Borla cat-back exhaust system. To handle the terrain, there were 18-inch Fuel Revolver D525 wheels wrapped in 35-inch Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires. Adding utility was a matching customized all-terrain camping trailer featuring a camp-style kitchen, tent, water/fuel storage and a spare tire.

"The most cherished moment was when we came up on a ridge and I was driving, and we parked the truck. And all of a sudden, from the bottom of a tree line across the bay we saw an American eagle come up. What could be more picture perfect, being in a truck like that, that view, seeing that American eagle? It meant a lot," said Wounded Warrior Project veteran David Guzman.

"On behalf of all of my brothers and sisters in the Wounded Warrior Project, and service members, I can't say thank you enough to any of the organizations. To have been selected and then to complete this adventure – I have got memories that will last more than a lifetime," said McMahon