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Watch in POV as a Nissan 370Z Drifts Under a Semi-trailer

The Red Bull Drift Shifters event in New Zealand is always a showcase of talent, but this year, a pro drifter put a camera inside the 370Z so you can see, from his point of view, what it's like to slide under a semi-trailer.


If you suffer from vertigo or frighten easily, then this drifting video is definitely not for you. In it, pro drifter Chris Forsberg competes in the GoPro Red Bull Drift Shifters event in Aukland, New Zealand. A point-of-view camera is set up on his helmet as he drifts his 370Z to capture the view from his perspective as he slides the car around the course.

This year's Drift Shifters had a pinball-like course where drivers collected points by activating proximity sensors as they drift through the turns. The hairpin turns are perfect for drifting a 370Z, as we see from Forsberg's video.

The climax is the Nissan sliding into a slow spin and ushering itself sideways underneath a semi-truck and trailer. He ushers around the truck for a second go before sliding sideways into the finishing parking space.

Precision is key in drifting and you'll see from this video that it's nowhere near as easy as Fast & Furious might make it seem.