370Z drifting champs

Twin 370Z Cars Set Drifting Record In Guinness

A new Guinness World Records title for Longest Twin Vehicle Drifting goes to a pair of Nissan 370Zs in the Middle East.

The above two Nissan 370Z cars drifted around a track together for 28.52 kilometers, setting the new Guinness record. It was done as part of the Nissan 370Z Drift Experience, which offers anyone the chance to learn to drift their Z. The event is sponsored by Nissan Middle East.

Speaking at the event Samir Cherfan, Managing Director, Nissan Middle East, said: “With today’s accomplishment of setting a new Guinness World Records title, we have proven again the strength of our vehicles by adding another Guinness World Records record to our list. The Nissan Z is a very popular car in the drifting scene and this new record is yet another proof on the ability of this car to make drifting look so easy.”

Nissan has a strong focus on motor sports in the Middle East and is one of the manufacturers that sponsors the Prodrift events held throughout the region. The Prodrift Academy is one of the foremost advocates of drifting as a sport and offers safe and legal outlets for drifting fanatics in the area.

The drifting fever began back in 2009, when the first regional drifting competition was launched. Over the years, this has significantly grown to be one of the most awaited events across the Middle East, with attendance exceeding 15,000 per country.

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