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Scared of a Mayan Apocalypse? Fear not, Toyo is giving away free tires

Toyo Tires is giving away a free set of tires to everyone in the world if the December 21 Mayan Apocalypse happens. Otherwise, they'll just give away ten really cool prizes to some lucky people and call it good.

Toyo Tires has a history of putting rubber onto some of the world's toughest terrain by outfitting some of the world' toughest vehicles with its tires. The company says that through that, they've learned one thing: the world is built to last.

To prove their point, they've made a huge wager. If the Mayan calender is correct and the world ends on December 21, 2012 as predicted, then Toyo will give everyone on the planet a free set of tires. If the calender is wrong, then they'll celebrate human kind's victory by giving away prizes to ten lucky winners, including a custom 4x4 vehicle.

Obviously, Toyo is betting on the world not ending and thinks those who go along with that will appreciate the cool prizes that they think will come in handy on December 22nd and beyond. But it's your choice. You can side with the world ending - which some may find appealing, frankly - or side with it continuing on despite not having an ancient Mayan calendar to guide it forward.

Choosing a side is easy. Those who want to do so (and thus enter the contest) can go to Toyo Tires' Facebook page ( and enter. The countdown to doomsday/giveawayday (depending on your view) is ticking in this showdown between Toyo and the Mayans.

On the morning of December 21, if the world still exists, then Toyo will give one lucky winner a custom two-door 4x4 vehicle equipped with a new set of Open Country A/T II tires. Another winner will get a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula to see the Mayan Ruins for themselves. Eight other winners will win a new set of Toyo tires.

If, on that morning, the world has ended, then everyone who's still on the planet will get a free set of Toyo tires for sticking around despite pesky things like total planetary destruction. So hey, despite total annihilation, at least you'll have new tires on that Apocalyptic Muscle Car as you burn around the Outback being chased by Tina Turner and stuff.