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Nissan sales up. Again. With more records set

Nissan's U.S. sales figures are in and they're still climbing month-on-month and year-on-year. Find out which cars made the biggest gains and why Infiniti is still seeing gains as well.


Nissan has announced their total U.S. sales for April 2014 and they continue to look god. The whole Nissan group (Nissan, Infiniti) is up 18.3 percent year-on-year while Nissan brand sales are up 18.5 percent and Infiniti brand sales are up 16.9 percent. A total of 103,934 vehicles were sold under both brands in April 2014 compared to 87,847 in April 2013.

The Nissan brand once again set another record, this time for April, with 94.764 sales, marking the 13th record set in the past fourteen months. Four Nissan vehicles set April sales records last month.

The highlights were the Nissan LEAF, which set an April record with a 7.8 percent increase year-on-year (read more about LEAF sales here). Other April records were set by the Altima (25,004 sales), Rogue (15,066 units), Versa (10,481 sales), and Juke (3,795 units).

Nissan sold a total of 58,924 cars in April 2014 (compared to 48,079 in April 2013) and 35,840 total trucks and SUVs (compared to 31,924).

In cars, the Altima dominated as Nissan's continual best-seller at 24,004 units with the Sentra coming in next at 14,080 sold. The flagship Maxima lost traction for the month, moving only 2,206 units (compared to 2,678 last year) and the aptly-named Cube also fell back, selling just 356 units (versus 468 in April 2013).

In trucks, the Rogue dominated with 15,066 units followed by the Pathfinder at 6,105 and Frontier at 5,697. Of those, only the Pathfinder lost, with a 5.7 percent drop year-on-year. The Titan dropped 7.9 percentage points to 956 units sold in April 2014 while its cousin the beefy Armada jumped 17.5 percent to 908 units sold. The Murano, which had its all-new 2015 edition announced and shown last month, managed to still move 2,384 units, losing only eight tenths of a point over last year.

At Infiniti, there were 5,352 cars and 3,818 trucks sold in April 2014, with cars gaining 38 percent over April 2013 and trucks losing 3.7 percent for the same period. Despite having a new version shown this month, the big QX80 luxury SUV gained 26.2 percentage points over last year with 943 units sold. The big sellers for Infiniti were, of course, the Q50/G37 (2,626 and 1,525 respectievly) and the QX60 at 2,281 units.