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Nissan releases new commercial explaining LEAF ownership

Word-of-mouth is the most coveted form of advertising a company can ask for. In a new video, Nissan shows how it sells the all-electric LEAF for them.


Nissan has released a new Web video titled George's Story. In it, we meet George from Atlanta, Georgia, a Nissan LEAF owner. During the one minute play, we see how George's decided to buy his all-electric LEAF and how that purchase decision affected others around him.

The story is simple and oft-repeated among LEAF owners. Someone saw someone else with a LEAF and thought "wow, that's a cool car," they asked about it. Eventually, they bought one for themselves and then began telling others about the car. Leading to more buyers and more word-of-mouth sellers.

Like most EV buyers, Nissan LEAF owners are the best evangelists for their cars to other potential buyers. One thing most LEAF owners can attest to is the economics of owning an EV at the LEAF's price point and capability versus other cars that burn fuels or have a higher price point. Nearly all LEAF owners cite cost of ownership as one of their top three reasons for buying a LEAF.

So watch as we see how George from Atlanta makes his purchase decision and then convinces others to make one as well: