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Nissan begins countdown to unveiling of new, next-generation Qashqai crossover

Seeking to redefine the crossover sector, Nissan has begun a ten-day countdown to the Qashqai, a new model concept to be unveiled in the United Kingdom, with implications worldwide.

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In the United Kingdom, Nissan produces and sells a crossover called the Qashqai, a crossover similar to the Rogue here in the U.S. and the X-TRAIL in Europe. Due for a refresh, the Qashqai will be unveiled in its next-generation next week in a new design that Nissan says will redefine the crossover segment.

The Qashqai has been reinvented from the ground up, according to Nissan, and will push the boundaries of design and innovation, bringing sector-first technologies and fresh thinking throughout. Advanced aerodynamics, state-of-the-art cabin infotainment, and more have been promised.

More than two million Qashqai crossovers have been sold to buyers globally so far. We can guess what will be included in the new version from the updates that were given to the all-new 2014 Nissan Rogue. We covered that when it unveiled last month (read it here), but here are highlights that may apply to the Qashqai as well:

  • New styling to emphasize sportiness and aerodynamics
  • A more premium, updated look
  • Enhanced seating inside, including a third row and better seat cushion
  • Better usability and ergonomics for passengers and driver
  • Divide n' Hide Cargo System for more functionality inside
  • Around View Monitor and Moving Object Detection systems

These improvements in the Rogue could be coming to the Qashqai, but watch for surprises like next-generation electronics and premium-level options available or standard in the new design to entice customers and set new standards in the market.

The Qashqai is produced in Nissan's Sunderland Plant in the UK. The unveil of the new model happens on Thursday, November 6th.

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