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Next-Generation Nissan Titan Promo Video Teases Truck's Origins

The new Titan will be all-American, the video promises.


When the new Nissan Titan pickup truck unveils in Detroit on January 12, it will be one of the biggest unveils the company has ever undertaken, with more public attention than perhaps any other Nissan vehicle to-date. With a promised 550 lb-ft Cummins diesel engine and a fully upgraded truck, all eyes will be on that Nissan stage at the North American International Auto Show.

A new video is helping build that anticipation, this time featuring the origins of the new Titan, emphasizing its American background. The 2016 Titan, the video says, was designed in California, Engineered in Michigan, Tested in Airzona, and will be assembled in Mississippi with a powertrain made in Tennessee and Indiana.

Torque News will be on hand, front-and-center, for the Titan's unveil. You can expect to see live updates as the covers come off.

For those wanting more, someone on Facebook may have captured the new Titan testing which you can read here. The photos there depict a truck in full camo and it's very possible that it is the new Nissan Titan out on the road.