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Engineering Students! Infiniti Is Looking for You To Work in Formula One

One of the dream jobs of every automotive engineering student is to work in Formula One racing at the pinnacle of motorsport. Infiniti is once again offering a spot on its team and guarantees it to an American student for the upcoming F1 season.


Infiniti Red Bull Racing is scouring the nation to find engineering students who want a career opportunity in Formula One. The 2015 Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy is launching and needs students to fill a few seats. Engineering students from around the United States are encouraged to apply and become candidates for one of the spots.

Students who are interested should send a current resume and a short video answering the question "Why do I deserve this opportunity?" Those selected through the process will be interviewed via Skype and taken through an in-depth profile analysis by Infiniti and Infiniti Red Bull Racing senior management. Regional finals will then be held, requiring students complete engineering and teamwork tasks. Each global region (one each from Europe, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S.) will see one winner who will go on to fill a slot in the 12-month placement program as an engineering understudy at Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Infiniti Motor Corporation.

"Last year's pilot program uncovered three outstanding candidates from around the world, including two from the United States," said Allyson Witherspoon, director of Marketing Communications and Media, Infiniti USA. "In an industry that is notoriously difficult to get into, this is an unprecedented chance for talented young engineers."

The five available roles will cover vehicle dynamics, vehicle design, aerodynamics and electronics, with those applying expected to have relevant academic backgrounds. All will be exposed to the close technical crossover between Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Infiniti, including the use of hybrid technology for increased performance on the track and the road.

"We're looking for engineers who are technically very strong, but they need to excel in other areas too," explained Adrian Newey, chief technical officer, Infiniti Red Bull Racing. "Whether you're designing and building road cars or working in Formula One, the ability to think laterally, creatively and operate seamlessly within a team are crucial. It will be tough and they will be expected to work, but the rewards are high."

See for details and to apply.