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5 awesome concepts on display at the New York International Auto Show

The NYIAS opened to the public yesterday and will be going on for about a week until April 15th. Be sure to check out our top picks for coolest concepts on display in New York.

If you're attending the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), then you definitely will want to check out the cool concepts on display by various automakers. Some showcase their forward-thinking, others show off their future plans, while still others just make you go "Wow.." Here are the five concepts at the show that you definitely must see.

The Cadillac Ciel
This concept is very, very sleek and cool. It both harkens back to the glory days of auto design and looks to the future with a bold, cabriolet style and slippery, low profile. It's a "modern interpretation of luxury," says Caddy. With a V-6 twin turbo 3.6-liter engine coupled with a hybrid system, you can not only look cool, but blow the suicide doors off with your eco-friendliness. Awesome.

The Kia GT
When you think Kia, you think sports cars. Right? Right? Well, you should. This sporty four-door is about as bad buttocks as you can get. Imagine 395 horsepower coupled to eight gears as you climb in through the suicide doors (a theme in this year's concepts). The styling on this muscle car is pure GT beefsteak.

The Chevrolet Code 130R
Don't let the odd name fool you, this concept is all about killer Ecotec in rear wheel drive. It's a two-door coupe that seats four and has style and fuel economy to make the neighbors jealous. Chevy's new, beefier front end look complements the low profile "secret agent" windows and spoiler hint at the rear. Pretty cool for a get-around machine.

The Chevrolet Tru 140S
While you're at the Chevy display, check this one out too. Not interested in everyday cars? Well, the Tru is definitely not everyday. Taking cues from the Volt at the front and the Camaro at the rear, this car is aimed at a more exotic clientele. It uses Ecotec, of course, but exudes speed and performance on top of all that eco-friendly mojo.

The Land Rover DC100
The DC100 comes in a couple of flavors, including Sport and.. umm.. not Sport, I guess. Regardless, it's a very cool mini-SUV with a lot of sex appeal for the discerning buyer. With the Hummer H3 basically off the market, someone had to fill the niche. Land Rover has done it nicely.