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Tesla Designers Creating All-Electric Model X SUV

Tesla designers are well into creating the all-electric Model X SUV, a sporty crossover model that will be no larger than a typical compact SUV but will offer all of the interior space of a full-size passenger van.

In an exclusive report from Edmunds’, the Tesla Model X SUV accomplishes the feat of being a compact SUV with a full-size capacity because it lacks an internal combustion engine that would gobble up space. “Sources tell us that Tesla's design team is well into sketching out a ‘Tesla look’ for the Model X SUV and it could launch into production as soon as late-2014,” said Scott Doggett, associate editor for Edmunds'

The exclusive report says, “At the Cleantech Investor Summit in Palm Springs, Calif., last week, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said the Silicon Valley electric-vehicle maker will produce the coolest SUV on the market and that Tesla expects to offer a truly mainstream EV in four or five years.” That coolest SUV being the Tesla Model X SUV that so far has not been seen by anybody outside of Tesla.

As points out, accomplishing abundant space in a small package is a trademark of Tesla. The Tesla Model S that debuts next year is dimensionally about the size of a BMW 5 series but is able to seat five adults and two children on the inside. That would mean the Tesla Model X SUV should probably be able to seat nine people. No word yet at this early stage on expected range in miles.

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