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Subaru Reveals Complete Details on Urbanized XV Crossover at Frankfurt Auto Show

Fuji Heavy Industries, better known around the world as Subaru, has unveiled complete details for the Subaru XV Crossover during media days at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

While the 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter Boxer engines and new Lineartronic continuously variable transmission have been previously introduced, Subaru has released more information about the Subaru XV's interior, fuel efficiency and available options during media days at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Subaru XV's Fuel Efficiency

The Subaru XV has adapted an auto start/stop system to increase fuel efficiency numbers.
By automatically stopping the engine in situations where the vehicle is temporarily stationary, such as idling at traffic lights, it boosts the fuel efficiency. This new system has a newly developed “change of mind control” function (found on CVT-equipped models) to enable smooth restart without sacrificing driving comfort.

XV Design Changes for Urban Setting

Appropriate to the European market where the Subaru XV is being launched, a lot of attention has been paid to this being a vehicle for urban settings. As Subaru proclaimed today during the announcement in Frankfurt, "The fundamental product concept that Subaru adopted for the XV is 'Urban Adventure.' In specific terms, a vehicle that would be perfectly suited to exciting, lively, yet stress-free use in the city. Thus, Subaru balanced optimal performance factors such as fuel efficiency and enjoyable driving (Fun to Drive) with a stylish, highly distinctive exterior design."

The corners of the front and rear bumpers were designed with special edges that enhance the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and also contribute to better fuel efficiency. Equipped with a hexagon grille and hawk eye headlights, this is a more aggressive design for a Subaru crossover than previously seen. It suggests Subaru might be incorporating design cues from its famously aggressive WRX sedans that are loved the world over for their high performance, rally wins.

The instrument panel is styled horizontally, which Subaru says gives a more roomy feeling. (No detailed instrument panel photos were available.) One miscue might be a relatively small 4.3-inch full-color LCD display. Some automakers, like Hyundai, are moving to a larger 7.0-inch display for better clarity and visibility.

In a nod to an aging population, the door opening dimensions in the Subaru XV have been enlarged and the higher seat position allows much easier entry and exit.


By integrating the partition windows into the front doors and putting the door mirrors on the door panels, top-level forward visibility in this class was achieved, and blind angles were reduced. Subaru claims a stylish profile with a more streamlined rear roof edge was designed without impairing the rear field of view but that remains to be seen pending real-world reviews. Coupe-like touches on crossovers usually lead to horrible rearviews.

In addition to driver’s/passenger’s airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags, a driver’s knee airbag is installed as standard in all models.

VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) is installed in all models as standard. Its intervention timing was optimized and incorporates control logic that demonstrates effectiveness in danger avoidance situations. A brake assist function is also incorporated into the VDC system. Subaru makes the claim that this provides the XV with world leading danger avoidance performance and increases driving confidence. It didn't delineate what sets its system apart from offerings from Mercedes Benz and Volvo, which are the recognized industry leaders in automotive safety.

Major Specifications: (European Specs.)
[Note: Specifications are preliminary and subject to change.]

Overall Length x Width x Height (mm): 4,450 x 1,780 x 1,570 (175 inches x 70 inches x 61 inches)
Wheelbase (mm): 2,635 (103 inches)
Track Front/Rear(mm): 1,525 /1,525 (60 inches)
Minimum road clearance (at curb weight)(mm): 220 (8.5 inches)
Seating Capacity: 5

Subaru did not release information at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show on when the XV will go on sale or when it would be available in North America. To follow all the news about the 64th International Motor Show click to see Torque News' complete coverage of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Subaru's XV Crossover to be shown in Frankfurt Next Week