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Lexus CT 200h Hybrid Gets MSRP of $29,995

Not only is the new Lexus CT 200h fuel efficient, it's going to be inexpensive with the announcement by Lexus it is the lowest priced Lexus in its lineup. So, it's going to be green at the pump and save you some green for your wallet.

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The MSRP announced by Lexus is $29,120 - or with a $875 delivery charge - the magical number of $29,995. Funny how that works out.

This will be the fifth hybrid in the Lexus lineup. Currently, 80 percent of all hybrids on the road are manufactured by Toyota, the parent company of Lexus. The CT 200h, which is attracting positive initial reviews, has an overall combined fuel economy of 42 mpg.

“For just $1,000 more than the cost of a non-luxury hybrid, buyers can indulge in a CT 200h with our proven Lexus Hybrid Drive technology,” said Mark Templin, group vice president and general manager, Lexus Division. “Lexus hybrids currently make up 90 percent of all luxury hybrid sales in the U.S., so you can imagine how excited we are to continue our leadership in this market with the CT 200h.”

The CT 200h emits approximately 60 percent fewer smog-forming emissions than the average new car, and has EPA-estimated ratings of 43 mpg city and 40 mpg on the highway utilizing regular 87-octane gasoline. Moreover, the CT 200h can be operated in a switchable EV mode which generates zero emissions.

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