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Hyundai HCD-12 Futuristic Interior Demonstrates Upcoming Technology

Hyundai has released a photo of the HCD-12 concept vehicle that will be introduced at the Detroit Auto Show on Jan. 10. There’s no indication from Hyundai how close to production this vehicle is but its futuristic interior will assuredly demonstrate what Hyundai is introducing in terms of technology going forward.

It’s the interior of the HCD-12 concept that is going to tell the true story of Hyundai’s future plans. It announced in Las Vegas this week the introduction of the Hyundai BlueLink telematic platform that is taking on GM’s OnStar. The HCD-12 is going to showcase things like BlueLink and other tricks that Hyundai has up its sleeve.

Other aspects of the interior visible in the photograph seem to be the typical future-looking design typically seen in most concepts. A central-mounted roller ball between the two front seats will control the various HCAV, stereo and navigation features not handled by voice commands. And, the seats look like they would be uncomfortable to most people over the age of 25.

Judging from the exterior photo released it looks almost like a larger version of the Hyundai Veloster that is being introduced at the same time. The HCD-12 has a more chopped front end and what appear to be suicide doors (that open from right to left in the rear).

Most Hyundai concepts bear the HCD moniker to signify Hyundai California Design. Other concepts in recent years have included the HCD 8, HCD 9 and HCD 10. No word on what happened to the HCD 11 along the way.

Hyundai Motor America reveals the HCD-12 concept vehicle (and the all-new 2012 Veloster) live from the Hyundai stand at the Detroit Auto Show on Monday, January 10th, at 2:55 pm ET. A live webcast can be viewed at

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