Eleanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds as Best Movie Car of All Time
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eBay Motors Poll Picks Best Movie Car of All Time and It's a Surprise

In what has to be one of the biggest online automotive polls ever, the winners of the 2011 eBay Motors People’s Picks Poll were announced at SEMA this week in Las Vegas. The selection of best movie car of all time may have some people scratching their heads, though.

According to eBay Motors, the annual poll invited car lovers to vote on all different types of automobile related things including best camshaft, favorite ignition, favorite muscle car and the best movie car of all time. A total of 3.4 million votes were cast but one has to wonder if there was some ballot stuffing going on.

The annual eBay Motors survey offered 10 different voting categories: American Muscle Cars, Motorsports, Import Tuner, Super Cars, Trucks, Four Wheeler/Off Road, Classic European, Motorcycles, Cars in Culture, and Modern Foreign and Domestic.

What's most surprising about the results is the voters came to the conclusion that the best movie car of all time is the 1967 Shelby Mustang (Eleanor) from "Gone in 60 Seconds." Five other movies jump to mind like any Bond movie, "Smokey & the Bandit," "Bullitt," even "The French Connection."

The folks at Edmunds.Com's Inside Line would surely disagree. It just posted its 100 Greatest Movie and TV Cars of All Time and came to a much different conclusion. Its editors concluded that the Goldfinger 1963 Aston Martin DB5 was the best movie car of all time. Now that was a cool car but maybe we're showing our age.

As mentioned, some of the other choices in the eBay Motors People's Pick Poll were more pedestrian but you still have to respect the fact that 3.4 million votes were cast. “This year’s massive voter turnout reflects the incredible passion of the auto community, something we fuel every day on eBay Motors, where people are buying auto parts literally every second,” said Famous Rhodes, senior director, eBay Motors. “The automotive community has strong opinions not just on their favorite cars and trucks, but also on the brands that help them modify and customize those vehicles. People’s Picks ultimately shows that brands matter when it comes to enthusiasts.” Winners in multiple categories this year include BFGoodrich, Edelbrock, Garret, Hooker and K&N.

The best movie car of all time is bound to stir up some disagreement. Take a moment to comment and share your opinion on what that car should be.


  • Favorite muscle car of all time: Ford Mustang (followed by the Camaro and GTO)
  • Favorite Bolt-On Brand: Edelbrock
  • Favorite Super Charger: Roush
  • Most tunable brand: Honda
  • Favorite performance tire: Pirelli
  • Favorite turbo charger: Garret
  • Trucks Favorite exhaust header: Hooker
  • Trucks Favorite tire brand: BFGoodrich
  • ]4X4/Off Road Best brand: Jeep
  • ]4X4/Off Road $1000 to spend on aftermarket goes to: Lift Kit/Suspension
  • ]4X4/Off Road Favorite tire: BFGoodrich
  • Project Corner Best foundation for late model street rod: Ford Mustang
  • Project Corner Toughest part of a project: Body/Paint
  • Project Corner Favorite professional tool manufacturer: Snap-On
  • Best movie car: 1967 Shelby Mustang (Eleanor) from Gone in 60 Seconds Remake
  • Favorite racing series: NASCAR
  • Greatest race in the world: Le Mans (followed by the Daytona 500 and Indy 500)

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