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Audi Will Raise Prices on Certain Models in January

There are still a couple days left to save 1 percent on the purchase of certain 2011 models. As of Tuesday, prices will be rising on the Audi A4/S4, A5/S5, Q7, and R8V10 in what the German automaker euphemistically calls a price adjustment.

According to Audi, the price increase (because none of the price adjustments are a decrease) affects models sold on or after January 4, 2011. It does not affect current sold orders that have not been delivered to a customer.

Here is the current price breakdown on the base manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the models:

  • A4/S4: $31,950/$46,600
  • A5/S5: $36,500/$53,100 (coupe models)
  • Q7: $45,700
  • R8 V10: $147,500

All prices are plus $875 delivery charge, except for the R8, which has a $1250 destination charge and a pesky $3000 gas guzzler tax to boot.

By the way, of the group, there’s probably not a customer in the world who is going to quibble about a couple thousand bucks extra for an R8 V10. Nor is Audi going to have trouble filling orders for that model. It is one of the sweetest rides in the world for its price.

Wondering where that extra 1 percent is going to go? Well, it could help Audi’s major investment push. Between 2010 and 2012 the Audi Group is planning to invest around $7.3 billion, mainly in new products, in order to sustain the company’s technological push.

Of course, it also plans to spend $81 million on advertising in 2010, so it needs to recoup some of that investment, too.

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