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ubitricity Facilitates The Way You Could Charge Anywhere

The charging option is growing, helping the sales of electric cars. Still, there is room for improvement and ubitricity has an idea for you to plug in almost anywhere.


Imagine driving in any city and with your mobile charger in your trunk, stop in a city and plug into any official plugs. The German company ubitricity is looking into making electric car charging in cities as ubiquitous to the relationship you’ve come to develop with your smarty phone. You pay for the usage determined by the special chip on your charger that tells the city how much energy you have used. Using your very own mobile electric meter, you can carry it around with you in your trunk and recharge wherever you see a city works plugs.

“Range Anxiety” & Lack Of Charge Structure, Be Gone! ubitricity believes the lack of charging infrastructure and “range anxiety” have held back consumers. More often than not you hear about yet another charging station array or another project that is going ahead installing charging stations in conveniently located spaces to make long drives a possibility.

The idea of hooking into the plentiful city energy grid makes much sense. With a minimalist use of a mobile and personal charging cord you carry around, the idea of opening any city socket to recharge makes serious sense. The Berlin-based ubitricity sees the theory differently by doing away with what they call bulky and expensive charging stations and replacing it with a mobile electricity charging meter that stays in your electric car. ubitricity is positioning itself to offer these “sockets” anywhere throughout cities.

ubitricity’s business model allows to subsidize its price, making it a very competitive system sharing the same plug between your garage or a public parking place. According to ubitricity CEO and co-founder Knut Hechtfischer: “If you plug in at home and at work, that’s two sites. So why should you install the full intelligence on two sites instead of bringing it with you? It saves half of the intelligence, half of the respective costs and half of the operation costs.”

Charging Like Cellphone Billing. We should probably thank the cellphone as we know it now as having been the biggest obstacle remover when it comes to electric cars. Unless gasoline cars that many people insist on driving until almost empty, an electric car tops off everywhere it finds an energy source. The meter keeps track of how much electricity you’ve used and once charged, it communicates with ubitricity and shares the info with the proper utility. If you think about it, the system already works with the cellphone industry. Electric car drivers have their activity registered on their billing accounts and ubitricity organizes data for utilities and their third parties. Ubitricity charges a fee on each transaction and hopes to show this business model will work.