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Ford Fuel Saving Technology Forum On Google+ Today

Ford is stepping up its offensive on how it can save you fuel with its vehicles. Here is a synapse of what you can expect tomorrow.


Ford has been eager to let you know it has built a wide array of choice in its line up. The company also wants to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by presenting some of the main points it will talk about tomorrow, namely its Power of Choice offensive and its fuel saving vehicles. Since two similar products might look the same on the surface, the commonly held belief is that most often an individual will choose the cheaper of two. This is regardless of environmental factors or long-term cost savings.

People Change. A new survey conducted by Ford challenges this very assumption, showing a majority of Americans are paying more upfront for green products that save money longer term. In other words, green products not only command a higher premium, they also sell well. With this in mind Ford wants to show how its greener vehicle line up not only helps in reducing our carbon foot print but also helps you achieve another important goal, save money.

The Ford Fuel Saving Technology Forum. You can join Ford tomorrow on today, Sept. 12 at 1pm EST, 10 a.m. PST, for a virtual forum discussing the advanced fuel-saving technologies in Ford's new and affordable 2013 Fusion. During the forum, Ford experts will share the results of a national survey on the buying habits surrounding driving and energy-saving technology. Details on the forum are below.

WHEN: Today, Sept. 12 at 1 p.m. EST/10 a.m. PST

WHAT: Stop to Start the Savings: Ford experts will share the results of a national survey on the buying habits surrounding driving and energy-saving technology – and how Ford is leading the transfer of advanced fuel saving technology (Start-Stop, advanced aerodynamics, hybrids) to more affordable, mainstream vehicles subsequently helping millions of customers save fuel and money.

You can also visit the Fusion’s power of choice site to learn more about Ford's dedication to offering customers leading fuel economy technologies, from the EcoBoost to plug-in hybrids.

• Chuck Gray – chief engineer, Ford Global Core Engineering Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
• Lew Echlin – marketing manager, Ford Global Cars
WHERE: Follow this link to register for the virtual forum or reply to this email.

This forum should help clear any lingering questions you might have around the company’s choice of green and efficient vehicles. The Ford Fusion, in its hybrid and soon to be unveiled plug-in hybrid, PHEV version not only offers great performance, 47mpg across the line but at a reasonable price. So come and see what Ford has to offer with its Ford Fuel Saving Technology Forum on Google+ tomorrow.